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Fundraisers at St Luke’s Cheshire Hospice have thanked generous bereaved family members and Crewe Crematorium for a donation of £8,333. The cash has been raised through funeral donations and the crematorium also put forward some money. Fundraiser Claire Frith said: “This kind donation will be used to help St Luke’s Hospice to continue offering care to patients and their families. Every penny will be used to provide the very special care they need during a very difficult time in their lives.”
Crewe Chronicle | 31/3/2011
The sale of Bretby Crematorium could take place after the local elections in May. The news came after it was revealed that no date had yet been set to make a decision over the controversial sale, and elections are little over a month away. South Derbyshire District Council approved the £8 million sale at its finance and management meeting on March 17, while delegated powers have been handed to Tory councillor Richard Grosvenor, leader of East Staffordshire Borough Council. Conservatives at the district council unanimously voted to sell off the asset, while Labour councillors voted against.
Burton Mail | 31/3/2011
Das Krematorium der Landeshauptstadt arbeitet kostendeckend, allerdings drücken Zinsen und Tilgung laufender Kredite die Bilanz ins Minus. Im Jahr 1996 war der kommunale Betrieb für fünf Millionen D-Mark errichtet worden, ein Kredit der erst im Jahr 2030 abgetragen sein wird. Schon heute kämpft das im bundesweiten Vergleich kleine Krematorium um seine Existenz. Seine zwei Öfen sind nur zur Hälfte ausgelastet: Etwa 1500 Einäscherungen finden dort pro Jahr statt.
Schweriner Volkszeitung | 31/3/2011
El promotor, que rechazó dos ubicaciones propuestas por el Ayuntamiento, mantiene el proyecto y dice que los habitantes «ni se enterarán» del horno. Los habitantes del barrio de Santa Catalina en Agones (Pravia) tienen un nuevo frente común. El anuncio de que el tanatorio de la villa, ubicado en frente de sus casas, ampliará próximamente sus instalaciones y acogerá un horno crematorio ha alertado a los vecinos de esta barriada, que ven en las emisiones del dispositivo una clara amenaza para su calidad de vida.
LNE | 31/3/2011
Mementos left on graves at Canford Crematorium have been removed because they were making the site "messy". A big pile of ornaments and flower pots lies on the grass alongside the Westbury-on-Trym graveyard, angering mourners who placed them at the resting place of their loved ones. Bristol City Council, who are responsible for the site in Canford Road, said relatives were given ample notice that the mementos would be removed after letters were received from some saying the area of the graves had become "messy".
This is Bristol | 31/3/2011
Council bosses have promised to keep disruption to a minimum when they begin a year-long project to upgrade the city's main crematorium. A £4 million project to improve Gilroes Crematorium will go before the city's planning committee in May and work is expected to begin in September. New, more environmentally friendly cremators designed to accommodate the increasing size of modern coffins will be installed. The east chapel will be extended to put in more seats. Parking space will be increased.
This is Leicestershire | 31/3/2011
A crematorium will undergo a £1.1 million revamp to help make it more environmentally-friendly. Work on the Masonhill Crematorium in Ayr, which began last week, aims to make the venue one of the most sustainable in Scotland. New, more energy-efficient furnaces will be installed at Masonhill, which is owned by South Ayrshire Council. The major improvement programme involves the introduction of “abatement” equipment, that will filter out mercury, dioxins and other harmful emissions from being released into the atmosphere.
Evening Times | 31/3/2011
Heat from Aldershot Crematorium’s furnaces could be used to keep the water at Aldershot Lido warm, a meeting has heard. Rushmoor Borough Council is trying to make the lido viable as it tries to deal with a £2.4m cut to the council’s government grant. At a meeting of its leisure and youth panel on Monday, a councillor said using the crematorium’s furnaces to help heat the lido and the indoor Aldershot Swimming Pools Complex might be an option. A council in Worcestershire made headlines in January when it became the first council in the country to do this. At Monday’s meeting, Cllr Eric Neal said this had been discussed at Rushmoor in previous years during earlier efforts to make the lido more financially viable.
Get Hampshire | 29/3/2011
Las dos obras son muy necesarias y han sido muy demandadas por la ciudadanía de Alfafar El alcalde de Alfafar, Emilio Muñoz y la Corporación Municipal han inaugurado esta mañana la plaza del Sequer del Nelot y el Tanatorio Crematorio Municipal de Alfafar, dos obras muy demandadas y necesarias para la ciudadanía. La adecuación de la plaza del Sequer del Nelot una reivindicación histórica y dotará a los vecinos y vecinas de un nuevo lugar de esparcimiento y ocio. Destaca por albergar una gran zona de juegos infantiles en las que se alza ya un gran barco pirata para niños y niñas.
Notas de Prensa Comunitat de Valenctana | 29/3/2011
Trinkets and presents left at a communal baby memorial have been dumped after council bosses branded them 'inappropriate'. Grieving parents were furious when they found toys, flowers and mementoes were removed without their permission or knowledge by South Tyneside Council. Many parents with memorials for children at South Shields Crematorium had left tributes and trinkets at plaques bearing the names of their loved ones. But now they have been swept up and dumped at the back of the crematorium next to rubbish bins. One group of mums say they are stunned how anyone could be so heartless.
Daily Mail online | 29/3/2011
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