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Welcome on www.crematorium.eu - Krematorium.eu - Crematorio.eu

A funeral or cremation can only held once. It is important to know where to go to and what to do. On Crematorium.eu we give you an overview about cremation, crematoria and related subjects in Europe. Do not forget to visit our webshop with the "memorial art gallery", memorial jewelry, memorial diamonds and all kind of urns. We also like to invite you on our newsblog with the newest statements and articles about cremation and alternatives. We are waiting  for your opinion.

This is an independent website. We like to be informed about new developments in the crematorium branch and suggestions are welcome. Please choose your country and get the information about crematory and cremation in your country. This site will be updated as regularly as possible.

Last update: 17. October 2019

crematorium.eu - krematorium.eu - crematorio.eu - crematori.eu - krematoorium.eu -  krematorio.eu

crematorium.eu - krematorium.eu - crematorio.eu - crematori.eu - krematoorium.eu - krematorio.eu

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